Our Philosophy

WordWorks Studio Ltd has been established by the Drama staff of Trinity Guildhall to provide a centre of excellence in all aspects of Speech, Communication and Drama.

Our aim is to develop the skills and confidence associated with good vocal development and the vitality and expressiveness of speech, the stimulation and enjoyment of language and the interpretation and performance of verse, prose and drama as well as the techniques of speaking in public.

We have a staff of teachers all professionally trained and experienced. The subjects taught include Speech & Drama, Speech & Communication, Speech & Language Development and Acting & Theatre Skills.

WordWorks Studio believes in aiming for excellence and encouraging the students to challenge themselves, both artistically and technically. It is equally committed to every child, whatever their needs, and is dedicated to the building of the necessary skills, confidence and self-esteem as well as fostering and encouraging a love of language, literature, movement and performance. These are vital qualities and are invaluable whatever career is ultimately chosen.

An additional and somewhat unexpected bonus when studying these subjects is that the norms of right and wrong do not, in general, apply. There are many possible and valid interpretations of any poem or piece, so each contribution is equally important and relevant. This is significant in a world where the pressure, on even quite young children, is to get things right. Confidence grows through achievement and a sense of self-worth, and we focus on developing this in every student we teach.

We offer a wide range of classes and private lessons.


Barbara McGeary LGSM

"After graduating from Drama School, I have spent 30 years working in a variety of settings. I have taught drama at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, Guildhall School of Speech and Drama and Italia Conti.

I spent 4 months examining and teaching in Singapore and have worked with communication industry professionals throughout Europe.

In 2004 I set up Wordworks Studio with the aim of enabling young people to develop their confidence and oral skills in order that they could thrive in any situation. I also work on a one to one basis with adults to enhance their professional skills.

I believe strongly that any student can flourish, whatever the challenges they face and have worked extensively with students with special needs."


Lena Waugh LISTD dip

"Having trained full time in Drama and Dance at the Arts Educational School from the age of seven, I have worked in the professional theatre for many years.

When I had my family, touring around the country was not a realistic option so I gained my teaching qualifications and ran my own Dance school in Bushey for a number of years.

Following this an offer came to work at the Studio School, teaching Drama and Dance where I still teach Dance. In addition I have directed productions for some a local Theatre companies and enjoy teaching at WordWorks Studio.

I believe Drama can give naturally shy children huge amounts of confidence, it can open their world up to literature that they may not have experienced and is of course great fun. Teaching Drama at WordWorks Studio gives me great pleasure, as does seeing the children grow up into confident young men & women going out into the world and making their families proud."


Donna Pickup LGSM

"After graduating from The Guildford School of Acting I spent many years working as an actress and still enjoy working as a voice over artist. I have been teaching for fifteen years, many of which have been at Wordworks Studio and also for a variety of companies in the London area.

Wordworks will always be a very special place to me as I have enjoyed watching so many children grow up into the most wonderfully confident and expressive young adults.

I believe everyone should be encouraged to find, love and be proud of their own voice and I have seen the shyest child develop into the most confident speaker through working in a positive learning environment and using extensive vocal techniques.
I also enjoy seeing friendships develop in many of my group sessions and the encouragement and praise given to each other as they bring their own interpretations to chosen pieces of literature.

I don’t believe schools are able to give enough time to the importance of being a confident speaker and in this ever demanding and competitive world we live in it is most certainly a necessary requirement."