Classes run in the evenings from Monday to Friday and also during the day on Saturdays. We have a team of extremely dedicated and qualified teachers who have many years of experience.

Private and shared private lessons are available as well as our regular group lessons. A member of our team would be more than willing to discuss any particular requirements you may have. We will always try to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

We also have a number of opportunities for adults wishing to attend lessons for speech, presentation skills, public speaking, interview skills and confidence building.

Below you can find the range of classes we offer with a brief description of what they aim to achieve. Should you have any enquiries regarding any of our courses please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Speech & Drama

The core skills of good voice production and clear and expressive speech are encouraged in an imaginative and creative way using poetry, stories, drama, movement, theatre games and music. The students are encouraged to work together in a sensitive and generous way, learning to concentrate and develop their imagination, vocabulary and confidence. As they progress they are introduced to a wider range of literature and experiences and are challenged to take risks in a safe and secure environment.


Speech & Communication

The core skills of this subject are much the same as the Speech & Drama classes but the emphasis is different. Work on voice and speech is also an essential component, however the importance is given is to the communication of the students own thoughts and ideas. This includes such disciplines as prepared or impromptu speaking, the choice and use of visual aids, prepared reading and sight-reading, interview skills, researching a topic and making and speaking from notes. Students are encouraged to develop the ability to ‘think on their feet’ and speak fluently and coherently, with energy, colour and confidence.

We start these classes from seven years old as greater maturity and experience is required to tackle this sort of material.


Speech & Language Development

This class is for children with any speech difficulty, however slight.

Our aim is to keep these classes very small so that the teacher can concentrate on each child, exercise and strengthen the organs of speech and establish good speech habits. The correct formation of the relevant speech sounds will be practiced until they become the norm. Speech problems arise from a variety of reasons and if treated early can be totally eradicated. Parent involvement may well be required at a certain stage to ensure good practice is maintained.

We envisage a child might typically do a term or two of this class and them move into the relevant Speech & Drama class. Although speech and voice work is done in each Speech & Drama class, a teacher cannot focus exclusively in the needs of one specific child to the exclusion of others.

All children, however challenged are welcome. One to one sessions are available. Whether this class might be suitable for any particular child can be discussed with Barbara McGeary.


Private Lessons

Lessons can be arranged to suit the students individual needs.

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