Nikhil's Mum ~


"Nikhil has been with Word Works Studio since he was 5 years old. He started with the Foundation exams and he has now just completed his Grade 6. Nikhil has been taught by Donna and Barbara who are both fantastic. Nikhil has a special understanding with Barbara which is so important. Barbara knows Nikhil so well, so each piece of work they choose brings out his best qualities. Nikhil speaks with great confidence and is very good at expressing himself. Through his speech and drama Nikhil has had lead roles in school plays and has managed to get a Drama scholarship at John Lyon School. He has been able to make speeches at school events. This is because of the confidence Word Works have given him."

"I have been a student at Word Works for nine years and a receptionist for the company for one year. This process has allowed me to understand life as a student and life within the company itself. I started speech and drama as a very timid nine year old, who would not come out of her shell. My mum, alongside some of my friend's parents, found out about this company and tried to encourage us to go. I was very apprehensive at first as I did not know the other students in the class, and making friends was very hard for me. However, I still vividly remember my first class, the teacher was very warm and welcoming, trying to encourage me to participate in the activities and making me feel part of the class. Throughout the years, I have participated in competitions and achieved a gold medal in Ruislip and Northwood festival, something I could never have dreamed of achieving without the teacher's at Word Works help. The teachers are very passionate about what they do and strive to achieve the best for their students. They can teach a variety of skills; from helping with elocution of words to presentations to large audiences. I can honestly say Barbara, Donna and Lena are some of the nicest and friendliest people I have ever met, and if your child is anything like I was, they would benefit from the classes and I would definitely recommend going to anyone, no matter what age."

~ Naviya

Alicia's Mum ~

My daughter has been a student at Wordworks Studio from the age of 4. She is 9 now. In my opinion she has greatly benefitted from her time there. Alicia was a very shy girl . She rarely participated in group discussions . However, the drama team got her to gain confidence in herself . She is now able to stand up and speak clearly and eloquently . Barbara helped Alicia to understand how to form her words clearly and express herself to either persuade or get her points across. In school, they had a competition where each child had to memorise and recite a poem . Of course, Alicia had a poem up her sleeve. She recited a poem that she had learnt for her Grade 3 exam. Her teacher was really impressed . She was asked to present her poem to the Head Teacher. She was so pleased . Alicia really enjoys her drama lessons. She is eager to go to her lessons . She has learnt so much . Her expressive reading has developed so much . It's amazing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Wordworks Studio. The staff are approachable and not pushy at all. Their main concern is your child ... They will do their best. I know my friend sent her 3 children to Barbara since they were 3 years ( the eldest is now 17). They all still go to their drama classes.